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Did you know that using a video on your website can improve your sales conversion by 80%? Sales leads acquired via video are by and large higher quality leads that convert to paying customers. Want to know why? It’s easy;

They have engaged with your video which means that their interest in listening to what you are offering. Having a video on your site will keep people on longer and have them engaged with our content in a new way rather than old text formats.

24 RESPONSE APP EXPLAINER VIDEO BY BIZMOVConverting these prospects into actual customers will be easier since they have experienced the product or service you offer in a visual way, helping them to comprehend what your small business is offering and seeing your style and personality. This can be particularly useful not only to establish relationships with virtual visitors, but also to save your prospects time. Video is easier to watch and understand for many products than reading a product description. Your videos should have personality, specific demonstrations and engaging information in order to achieve the highest conversion rates for your business.

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